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Bridget Kuehn Specializes in Health, Science and Medical Writing

I translate complex science and medicine into a language that is accurate, accessible for your intended audience, and enjoyable to read. I have experience writing for medical and science professionals. I can also craft content that is easy to understand for an audience who is unfamiliar with medical and scientific terminology and concepts. My past clients have included news organizations, journals, universities, and other health and science institutions.

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Health, Science and Medical Writing Services

Feature News Articles

In-depth reporting and research for informative articles covering news important to healthcare professionals, scientists, and the public. I have covered everything from pandemics to the health effects of trauma and racism. I have investigated institutional policies that affect physician and scientist wellbeing and the origins of the opioid overdose crisis. I also routinely write about cutting edge biomedical research and developments in clinical care.


I have written profiles of leading physicians and scientists that have appeared in medical journals, newspapers, and online news sources. Past subjects have included Rep. Henry Waxman and his 40-year career as a leader in health policy, pediatrician Mona Hanna-Attisha’s activism during the Flint water crisis, and how mathematical modelling by Nathaniel Hupert helped New York City officials brace for the first wave of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

News Briefs and News Roundups

Health- and science-related news tidbits used regularly for medical journals and magazines. I have written regular news roundups and briefs on an array of topics including covering federal health agencies, global health, and breaking public health news. These brief items are among my most popular and frequently drive discussions on social media.

Medical and Science Conference News Coverage

News articles and live social media coverage of conferences offer an insider’s look at the participating organizations; breaking science and medical developments; and issues affecting the medical and science community.

Lay Language Summaries of Research

Editing and writing summaries of medical and science research in language that is accessible for the general public.

Annual Reports

Writing and editing content for organizations year-end reports including writing profiles on people who made a difference and highlighting cutting-edge research.

Video Scripts

I can help give voice to your video content with scripts written to complement them whether they are science and health explainers or narratives highlighting the accomplishments of an organization or individual.

Newsletter Content

Easily digestible articles, news briefs and other written information for print and electronic newsletters for medical institutions, healthcare organizations, higher education, specialized journals and more.

Blog Posts and Other Online Content

Writing, editing and organizing digital copy — including evergreen content for website pages and in-depth blog posts — for medical and health consumers.

Audio Interviews

I bring more than 2 decades of experience interviewing science and medical experts to audio and video interviews for journal and news organizations podcasts and websites.

Q & As

Question-and-answer format articles that frame complicated medical, health, and science topics in an accessible way for the layperson.

Frequently Asked Questions

I meticulously source my stories and take extra care in fact-checking.
I seek out recognized experts from respected organizations and institutions. I also am skilled at scouring the scientific literature for news and information.
I have decades of experience juggling numerous projects on tight deadlines and have developed tried and true systems to usher projects from inception to on-time completion.
I’m proud to say I have established longterm relationships with numerous customers spanning dozens of projects.

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