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Bridget M. Kuehn

Professional science, medical and health writer

I have spent more than 20 years as a science writer and medical journalist. I’ve written for top tier medical and science publications and have extensive experience writing for professional and lay audiences. My work has appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Circulation, The American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney News, Medscape, Weill Cornell Medicine, Northwestern Medicine magazine, and eLife, an international science journal funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. I have also written case studies, research summaries, annual reports, and other content highlighting the work of organizations or individuals. 

My professional experiences set me apart from other writers in my field, including a diverse educational background that makes me uniquely qualified for science, medical and health writing:

Bridget Kuehn Science Medical Health Writer

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Accessible & Enjoyable Content

I have a talent for translating the most complex science and medical research into language that is understandable and enjoyable for both lay and professional audiences to read.

Highest Standards of Accuracy

With two decades of experience writing for publications that serve an audience of medical or science professionals, I give extra care to fact-checking and sourcing to meet the highest standards of scientific accuracy.

Trustworthy Support

As a seasoned journalist, I adhere to ethical standards of professional conduct, double check facts, and honor sources of information. I have worked with some of the same clients and sources for many years.

Professional Code of Conduct

When you hire me, you are hiring an established and insured business. You can expect your content on deadline or before with timely updates on progress.

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